Custom Built Manual Steer, Camera Steer and Robotic Weed Cultivation and Hoeing Tools

Some Of The Possible Configurations

Argus Toolbar Profile and Mounting Surface

Habicht Toolbar Profile and Mounting Surface

Cultivator module, 1 tooth, short


Cultivator module, 1 tooth, long

Cultivator module, 3 tooth, short

Cultivator module, 5 teeth

Cultivator module, 3 teeth,long with special square-turn knifes

Cultivator module, 3 teeth, long with crop protection discs

Parallel module „Special“
– Reinforced version
– hight adjustable support wheel clearance up to 80 cm

Cultivator module 5 teeth, with „Ridge Cultivator“:
Adjustable furrower and adjustable furrow discs

Telescopic Hoe module
– to mount in front or behind the toolbar
– very compact construction
Parallel module „Standard“
short, normal, long
– hight adjustable support wheel
– clearance 50 to 75 cm

4 stars red, 4 stars black

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