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315 Foot (95m) Irrigation Boom

RM Irrigation ALBATROS Boom system with rain wings, for all types of sprinklers - on independent 4-wheel carriage - low pressure (1.5 bar) at the inlet with maintenance of the same over the entire width of the wing, with minimum energy consumption , thanks to an innovative double redundant circuit system, which allows constant irrigation for a maximum width of 95 m - 72 m structure completely in aluminum with hot-dip galvanized steel carriage.

These are the reasons for a real innovation in the world of irrigation and its success.

RM Irrigation Albatros Boom Irrigation System.png
Dimensions Albatros 315 FT (95m) RM Irrigation Boom
RM Irrigation Albatros 95m Boom.jpeg

RM Irrigation ALBATROS Irrigation Boom Brochure

RM Irrigation Falcon 50 is the expression of the best technology in irrigation systems with rain wings, suitable for low and medium height crops. Equipped with a trellis structure in special aluminum alloy, it is mounted on a 3-wheel steel trolley and can be transported by medium-sized RM irrigation machines; the pendulum system allows the wing to remain horizontal thus making it self-leveling, rotating 360 ° for overcoming obstacles.

Its operation is guaranteed even with minimum pressures (0.8 ÷ 1 bar) thanks to the particular nozzles, with which it is equipped, allowing an irrigated strip of about 60 meters. The folding and unfolding of the wing is particularly fast and manageable by a single operator, with minimal physical effort.

Falcon 50 Logo.png
200 Foot (65m) Irrigation Boom
RM Falcon 50m Irrigation Boom 4.jpeg
RM Irrigation falcon 50 diagram.jpeg

RM Irrigation Falcon 50 Irrigation Boom Brochure

Liquo logo.png
132 Foot (40m) Manure Slurry, Digestate Application Boom

Integrated slurry or digestate distribution system, with wing in a 30 m low pressure structure and hybrid motor / turbine rewinding or with tractor-controlled hydrostatic system

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